Spring / Summer 2018

"La Conspiration 1789"

The collection takes place during the transition between the rococo fashion to the regency fashion in the French Revolution of 1789. The cause of the revolution is to eliminate the differentiation between social classes and the freedom of faith. But went so far that the Aristocrats and Nobility were the most hated during the revolution and were called for the execution. Therefore, they left their palaces and fled to other countries, or disguised with what they wear.

Aristocrats were spotted by their lavish and richly embroidered clothes, very huge panniers and beautiful silks and taffetas they could afford. The powdered wigs and makeup they wear. All of which made them very easy to be distinguished from the rest of the people. In order to feel safe, they wore less lavish clothes. Which paved the entrance of the regency fashion where natural face and hair were the main trend.

Linen and cottons were in fashion instead of silks and taffetas. Fitted and less usage of fabrics were in. the collection focus on this transition. mixing and matching the classes in one piece; the Working class fashion made in luxurious fabrics and aristocrats fashion were stripped off their many rich features and simplified version of their regular daily pieces.